About Us

McDonald Bison are raised from start to finish at our Rocky Mountain House, AB family farm.  We chose to raise Bison for the advantage of providing cleaner and healthier meat for our own family, and yours!

Our animals are able to roam year-round and forage on open pastures of grass and hay. They are supplemented with grains, seaweed, salts, and minerals to ensure they have the required macro and micronutrients to maintain optimal health.

McDonald Bison are raised in a stress-free environment without the use of hormones or antibiotics on land maintained without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemicals. Bison are never branded nor are they castrated. Our animals are never subjected to intensive farming practices, and it is our goal to ensure that the animals welfare always comes first. Sharing our product locally means the animals are not transported great distances before harvesting – another step in providing top-quality meat.

It's not just about the meat!

In an effort to use every part of the animal, as is the tradition, we also sell the hides on harvest days. Hides can be turned into fur robes, and rugs, or leather for coats, chaps, purses and wallets, or rawhide for rattles and drums . We sell the heads to be cleaned or clean them to be sold as skulls. Our tallow is used to make natural soaps and skin creams. We have been very successful at ensuring that nothing goes to waste and we are thankful to keep that tradition.