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Variety Packs

If you are new to purchasing Bison farm direct or don’t have a lot of freezer space, a good place to start is a Variety Pack. This gives you an assortment of Roasts, Steak, Stew meat (when available), and Ground Bison. Short Ribs and Brisket can be added to 50 lbs or larger packages.

We are often able to make deliveries for our Variety Packages to Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton – or anywhere on route without any additional cost. Please inquire if you live in another area to see if we can accommodate you.

25 lbs

– $335 –  

50 lbs

– $645 –  

75 lbs

– $935 –  

100 lbs

– $1200 –  

Half or Whole Bison

If you are looking to fill your freezer and sustain your family for the best price a half or whole animal can be purchased. You may also want the option to pay for the butchering yourself to have more cutting and processing options such as Pepperoni, Garlic Sausage, Cheese Smokies, Jerky etc.

Finished, cut and vacuum wrapped into roasts, steak, stew meat, short ribs and ground bison.

Hanging weight @ $8.50/lb

Process to your liking at your own expense.
Haul to my butcher or yours.

Hanging weight @ $6.00/lb

Understanding hanging weights and finished yields

When you harvest an animal you start with its live weight. Once stripped of the hide, head, lower limbs and all internal organs you are left with the remaining carcass, which gets hung on the rail to rest. The weight of the carcass is known as the ‘rail weight’ or ‘hanging weight’ and it is typically about 56% of the live weight.

From here the carcass is then cut as desired and the remaining bone is removed (with exception of a few cuts and depending on instructions given). The finished yield of meat is typically 70% of the rail weight.

Animals, like humans, are unique. They come in different sizes and their hanging weight can range from 500 – 725 lbs on the rail with finished meat yields from 350 – 500 lbs. Please be sure to talk with us ahead of time to know what is currently available and plan for the proper freezer space.

Cut for Cut purchasing an animal direct vs. at the grocery store saves you $$$$ and it is an affordable way to get all the best cuts!

Individual Cuts

Individual cuts can be purchased and picked up on location or delivered locally.

Butcher cuts

Skulls and Hides

Our skulls and hides are unique and limited! Quality and size dictates price.
Please inquire about availability.

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